Nook HD Lithium Ion Reactivation

Submitted by tarvid on Sat, 06/16/2018 - 03:49

We don't use this device often and when I went to recharge it, it was dead. The green light would light, then turn to amber, then off. I found the original AC to USB adapter and it did the same thing.

On advice from Google, I repeatedly tried disconnecting when it turned amber and after 10 or 20 tries, the amber light stayed on. A half hour later, the Nook booted.

Apparently, there is a protection circuit that prevents a really dead battery from taking a charge except for a brief period of time. Many of those brief periods recharged the battery sufficiently to continue charging.

The Nook HD+ is a pleasant device. Nice big screen and with an update to Nougat 7.1, it is useful. Still no 5Ghz WiFi but the 2.4 works well enough.

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