Hanlon's Razor - RT.com - BGP

Arguably the greatest threat of WWIII is the Ukraine affair. The propaganda war is hard to understand unless you get both (or many) perspectives. For me, RT was the most rational allternative to CNN et al (like AlJazeera and the Middle East) and I was troubled when my route to RT.COM was broken a few weeks ago, sufficiently troubled to record "traceroutes". I made a few phone calls with no progress and when RT returned, I recorded the successful route and moved on.

The Day We Fight Back

Server Project - Case

IStarUSA D200 2U case

1TB Hard drive

DVDRW Optical drive

MINIX™ MINI HD PC Running Fedora 19

After trying a number of Linux distributions, Fedora 19 produced the most usable desktop.

Power Outage

There was a power outage in Grayson County, Internet service to the area was down during this time, everything looks to be up and running again.

New Website

Minimal functionality should be back tomorrow.