TWR Compatible Radios

We use Ubiquiti radios as does TWR. Not all the bells and whistles work and the choices largely narrow to two: gain and band. Gain is achieved by narrowing the beam. Higher gain units require more accurate aiming and are more subject to environmental issues like wind and ice.
You can search for signal with a smart phone and apps like Wigle - https://wigle.net/.  TWR radios have "TWR" in their SSID. If your phone gets a signal of -60 or better, the NanoLocos will do the job.  At -70, the Powerbeams are a good choice. At -75 or worse, the Rockets may do the job (or maybe not). Band is more subtle. 5ghz needs a straighter shot (line of sight) but has more channel options and is less prone to interference from other radios but more prone to leaves and trees. Rocks are hopeless,
Prices are subject to change. Installation is separate and starts at $100.

NanoLoco M2 - 8dbi - $70
NanoLoco M5 - 13dbi - $80
PowerBeam M2 - 18dbi - $100
PowerBeam M5 - 25dbi - $ 110
Rocket M2 + dish - 24dbi - $300
Rocket M5 +dish - 30dbi - $300